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Welcome to Taha Ayurveda

Ayurveda: A Great Way To Healing & Wellness

Time tested, evidence based wisdom from the Vedic ages for health & happiness.

The Science

Ayurveda originated in the Indian subcontinent, supposedly 5000 years ago as a healing & wellness science.

Ayurveda offers a range of traditional therapies and authentic medicines to impart wellness to the body, mind and spirit.

These therapies and medicines can be used for curative purposes as well as to improve general health of body and mind, making it a perfect rejuvenation science as well.

Ayurveda also comprises the knowledge of lifestyle curated to different seasons which will help to prevent diseases and maintain wellness. Over last 5000 years Ayurveda has been connecting the human race and nature very deeply for health & longevity.

tahaayurveda hospitals anantapur
tahaayurveda hospitals anantapur

Philosophy of Ayurveda

Ayurveda is not just a medical system that treat diseases, it is a way of life entrenched on various philosophies and guiding principles. It is greatly influenced by Samkhya and Vaiseshika school of thoughts, which is evident from the similarities between the theories explained, the difference being Ayurveda explained everything according to the utility of Science.

Ayurveda believes in Panchamahabhuta Siddhanta and explains every material phenomenon in this Universe, no matter how small it is, is composed of five subtle elements - Prithvi (earth), Ap (water), Tejas (fire), Vayu(air) and Akasha (ether/space). Similarly, the central concept of Ayurveda is the Tridosha theory that explains Vata, Pitta and Kapha as the three factors responsible for the wellness and diseased states of individuals.