Hair Protein Pack - get all the enough natural proteins to your hair

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  • Hair Protein Pack
  • Hair Protein Pack
  • Hair Protein Pack
Hair Protein Pack

Hair Protein Pack

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Description About this product:-

Everyone, whether your hair is dry or oily, fine or coarse, frizzy or damaged, oily or with dandruff or with excessive hair fall feed your hair with this fabulous hair pack from Taha Naturals called “Hair Protein Pack”

All Taha natural product are

  • 100% vegetarian
  • Chemical free
  • Alcohol free
    Description About this product:-

    Key Ingredients:

    Tulasi:This is an important herb in Ayurveda, tulasi stimulates scalp circulation and promotes healthy hair growth, abundant anti-oxidants present in the tulasi protect hair from free radical damage -which results in hair thinning and hair loss. Tulasi also enhances the shine of the hair.

    Bhringaraj:This helps in treating baldness if used regularly, and very likely to see hair growth this helps in blood circulation at the root of the hair bringing more nutrients to support hair growth. Bhringaraj makes the hair dense, this helps in reducing dandruff.

    Triphala: This is a blend of three fruits in the right proportion, this is a well-known home remedy for hair problems. This helps in super fast hair growth. This moistens the hair root, manage split ends and frizzy hair. this works for annoying hair problems like hair thinning, hair graying, and dandruff, etc.

    Henna: Henna can be quite cooling to the scalp, this keeps issues like dandruff at bay, removes excess oil from the scalp, it repairs and strengthens hair. This gives its natural color to hair.

    Karpur: Karpur is a simple ingredient that can give a great difference in hair. Camphor boosts hair growth, improves hair texture, fights hair loss.

    Hibiscus: Brightly hued hibiscus flower powder are capable of stimulating hair regrowth from bald patches, this makes hair smooth and shiny by deeply conditioning, this delays premature graying.

    Reetha: This restores the health of your dull, damaged, and dry hair, by making your hair clean softer, and shiny and adds volume too.

    Neem: Neem helps in hair loss and balding, this removes dandruff from the scalp and strengthens hair.

    Directions For Use:

    Mix the entire powder in hot water or tea decoction, make a paste and apply it to the hair. After 30 minutes wash with water.

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